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  • Styper

    #design-tool #project #typography

    Styper is an online design tool. It is conceived to help designer and developers accelerate their workflow by setting up their visual text hierarchy and create a dynamic vertical rythm with their paragraphs. The immersive and progressive experience allows the user an adequate focus to generate an optimal CSS export.


  • Pompes CNG

    #wordpress #mobile-first #design

    The project of this website is to make the inventory of each gas station who serve CNG in Belgium. It aims to help the people having to refuel their CNG car to the closest gas station.


  • Domoplus

    #wordpress #design #responsive

    Domoplus is a real estate company who puts the environment and the comfort in action with innovative houses. The objective for the website is to have an online presence, to expose their different projects, to write article to share and promote on social medias.